Hand-Colored #2

U. has made these wonderful socks from another hand-colored skein we won at the lottery.

This is so beautiful!


And the Winner is … Strickpate

There was a lottery.
They were giving away hand colored wool.
It happened in one of those groups at ravely for social projects.
You know that we are running a Strickpate group at ravelery too.
Amazingly 5 members of that group run over to the very group getting tickets for the lottery.

They had raffles 4 skeins … and … yes yes … 3 skeins have been won by Strickpate.
That is truely amazing!

Thanks to everybody

Strickpate – the Sock

Amazing but true.
There is even a sock, which is called „Strickpate“.

In 2010 when Knity started kitting socks for children, she used to do a lot of so called „worms“.
Worms are socks without heel.

When knitting this sock with this very special wool, Knity decided not to knit the whole sock in spirals.
Reason was the wonderful pattern of the wool.

That’s why she just knitted the heel in spirals.

Actually I have not the faintest idea what I am talking about, but I guess knitters will know!

It is history that the knitting community of ravelry begged for a knitting pattern of the „Strickpate“-Sock.
In the beginning Knity sended it via email, but meanwhile you can download it as a free ravelry download 🙂
Isn’t that fantastic?