Autumnal Knitting Summary

The German reader know it already – we are back.
Since end of September Knity has found her blogging mojo again.
What a great relive.
We don’t want to bore our English speaking readers with every tiny little detail, so I am going to give you a summary of last weeks actions.
The weeks have been very successful … just have a look at the knitting process.
Knity found some great patterns for cuffs at her favorite knitting site


But not only Knity is wrapped up in cuffs, also a lovely knitter from Lower-Saxonia has made some great ones for the children.
A big thank you 🙂
And they are doing something fantastic in a group on … they have started a so called KAL. Knity told me that this means “Knit A Long”. A group of knitters is using the same pattern at the same time but different material. And they are knitting for Strickpate as well. I am really looking forward to see the results.

Finally Knity has posted the pictures of last years handing out of presents for the children in Singen.
Fantastic to see the results of a year of knitting at one place and Knity told us that the kids eyes have been glowing with pleasure 🙂


I can see more pleasure in the future for the little ones.
Some nice neck and hats are awaiting for them, some loops … those seem to be very popular this season, since Knity told me on the phone that she is doing them over and over again :).
But also socks and scarfs are on the way.
zauberbal tuch

Last Saturday Knity told us about a big surprise. She found out that a great German Knitting blog has linked Strickpate … thanks a bunch. Knity is still overwhelmed. 🙂

Hope you all have a happy week.


love helz


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