Strickpate meets Helz … the 2nd

We remember how Knity met Helz.

These days Knity was a bit upset since she wanted to tell the rest of the story. She thought that Helz might regret having met her.

Hmmm we did the posters in 2010 and 2011 as far as I remember. Was a nice job. Knity is an easy customer, I have to tell you … not that she doesn’t know what she wants, she knows exactly … but she is one who is open for advice!

Then we hit 2012 – and we all know that everything will change in 2012 right?
Knity got the same feeling. She has got more and more in touch with internet and social media. She became a well known member of ravelry, she asked knitting sisters at ravelry to help Strickpte. And finally she thought about a blog.

We are chatting on the phone now and then, and one day Knity told me about the idea having a blog.
We of Helz-Design love blogging. It is such a great medium getting in touch with our customers.
And so yes Knity, you thought about it – we delivered.
I guess Knity was quiet surprised how easy it is these days to set up a blog.

We highly recommend WordPress for that issue … either hosted by the guys of or as a self-hosted blog and website.

Ok truth to be told… after setting up the blog, our phone calls became more regularly, not so much chatty chatty anymore.
Knity got free phone lesson on „How to use my wordpress blog“ – we wrote a little tutorial and send it over to her … but I also have to admit: she is a quick learner!

And if she tries to pretend that she is still somewhat dumb … don’t believe her.
She is a kind of smart ass 🙂 and i love that.

And it is a pleasure to help … so ask me anyway my friend.


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