I had a dream

I had a dream.

A dream, that poor children in Germany have clothes.

Clothes, that might other, more wealthy children, a bit envy.

What am I able to do?

I am able to knit.

I love knitting; actually I knit everywhere I go.

So I started to knit the clothes I was dreaming off.

Fact is: the whole of Germany is too big for me. I am just a single girl.

The best is to start at your doorstep. That’s what I did.

My doorstep is my town. Singen, a small town in the south of Germany close to Lake Constance.

I started in the district of Singen, of which people born here still say: this is the slum of Singen. They are talking about the south of the town “Südstadt”.

We foundedhthis Charity project in 2010.

I called it “Strickpate” – we can translate it with “Knitting Godmother”.

Like Godparents the “Strickpate” wants to care for children.

Take a certain responsibility.

A local wool store in Singen was so thrilled by the idea, that they jumped by helping me right from the beginning.

And I am blessed, since they are still supporting the “Strickpate”.

It went well, vey well.

Children have been excited, thrilled, happy about the stuff we were able to give them.

So we did it again in 2011, successfully.

And we are doing it again this year in 2012.

We are going to establish “Strickpate – knitting for poor Children in Singen” to become a local constant.

What do we knit?

  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Hand cuffs / fingerless / arm warmers
  • Leg warmers

We don’t care about sizes.

We need small sizes, we need medium sizes, but we need big sizes too.

Just think of toddlers, school children of all ages, and teenagers.

I have figured out that children love scarves made of very soft yarns.

What are my goals? What are my wishes?

I would love to get assistance and support for this project.

One dream is, that a child is allowed to ask for a certain pullover or a certain hat, and than we are going to knit this piece just for this special child.

I had a dream, and today this dream is going to help children in Singen. Maybe tomorrow this dream is going to help children in the whole of Germany.

Be with us!

But do not only dream, start to help, become

“Strickpate” and knit for children …


Silke Stockebrand


  1. What a great idea!
    Where I live, a lot of people knit every year for ‚Operation Christmas Child‘ and one of my friends is the local organiser for all the shoe boxes they receive.

    Sadly, I cannot knit! (I have tried) 😦

    • thanks angelika
      knity will be delighted of the kind comment 🙂

      personally i like to support local organizations like this project and the project you are talking of.

      the perfect thing with „Strickpate“ is, even those people who can’t knit, are able to support.
      they can go over to the local woolstore and purchase some wool for the project.
      which i think is also a great idea 🙂

      knitting: i guess dianne jones of Knitting galore is able to teach 🙂 she is dedicated knitter too

  2. Such a worthy cause, well done! It’s such a good feeling being able to help others. I knit for several charities around the world am am trying to set up something local here in Turkey. Every thursday on my blog I try to promote knitting charities on what I call ‚Thoughtful Thursday‘ I will feature ‚Strickpate‘ this week if that’s ok.

    • thanks dianne
      will tell the sis about it but i think it is ok.
      able to talk to her tonight and will send you message then 🙂
      but she will stop by soonish too 🙂

      have read the thoughtful thursday now and then – quite inspiring

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